Our expertise is rooted in a collection of fundamental best-practices, deep skill-sets, and years of hands-on experience, culminating in a perspective that allows us to be pragmatic when necessary and innovative when possible.

We work within the disciplines of software development, DevOps and configuration management, and multi-model data storage and processing.

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Web and Native Application

We're intimately familiar with a variety of programming languages, frameworks, and modern software development best-practices, having put them to use building applications for the Web, mobile, and more.

Javascript, HTML, and CSS are undeniably the cornerstones of the modern Web. We use Ember.js, AngularJS, and jQuery together with CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation, atop HTML5, to deliver compelling client-side user experiences.

Python's dynamic nature and pervasive usage in the scientific community make it a great choice for many use-cases. We work with Django and several Machine Learning, data processing, and configuration management libraries to build data-driven applications for a variety of environments.

Ruby paired with Rails has become a popular toolchain, due in large part to its convention over configuration philosophy, general language and framework flexibility, and large, supportive community. We often work with Ruby in the delivery of Web, mobile, and configuration management projects.

PHP's community size has few peers, is filled with numerous libraries, and consists of decades of developer experiences. Encouraged by that community is a quick-to-get-going mentality, which we heartily embrace by working with lightweight MVC web frameworks like Laravel and Phalcon.

When battle-hardened stability and performance are required, we reach right for Java and the JVM. We're strong proponents of the modern Java movement, and enjoy working with the likes of Play, Akka, Dropwizard, and the Parallel Universe stack. Let us assure you, though — we're just as at home working on standard JavaEE and Tomcat.

When it comes to native Windows development, the .NET Framework is the go-to solution. C# and ASP.NET MVC have mature feature sets and display excellent performance characteristics, leading us to specialize in their usage in the delivery of quality native and enterprise software.

DevOps and Infrastructure

Our hands-on experience building scalable, highly-available, automated infrastructures across public and private "cloud" environments means we're well positioned to assist with both ground-up and level-up DevOps initiatives.

Ansible excels at the automation of configuration without an agent presence pre-installed. SSH-based secure transport, zero agent overhead, and written in Python — we've used these attributes to our advantage in large-scale deployments, across continents.

Chef is used in production by several planet-scale organizations, attesting to it's scalability and dynamism. Being backed by OpsCode and their excellent hosted option, makes working with Chef a joy.

The most popular of its kin, Puppet has been successfully deployed for years across organizations large and small. A large community, strong tooling, and extensive module system has resulted in a mature, well-supported option. When Ruby is in use, it's often our recommended configuration solution.

Built on ZeroMQ and Python, SaltStack is a modern high-performance configuration management solution that's purpose built to scale up to huge numbers of machines. It's support across a variety of platforms, including Windows, makes it appropriate for many use-cases. Simply put, we're big fans.

KVM and Xen, two open source hypervisors that provide rock-solid virtualization with excellent performance and zero vendor lock-in. We've used them to build large OpenStack private "clouds", powering global infrastructures and services.

We've deployed on many, if not all of the major public "cloud" vendors in the development and on-going hosting of consumer-facing Web presences and applications. Cost efficiency analysis, automation, scaling, and peripheral services are all tasks our expertise can help with.

Multi-model Database
Configuration and Management

We're well versed in the trade-offs of datastores of all types. Relational or NoSQL, synchronous or asynchronous, localized or geographically redundant — we've deployed many high-performance, scalable, Open Source solutions.

MySQL stands today as the most popular open source RDBMS. Often a "startup darling", its usage has grown to power the largest websites in the world. We've advised, planned, and implemented numerous non-trivial deployments and are fluent in the differences between forked flavors and their distributed feature-sets.

A broad set of features, coupled with a knowledgeable community, gives PostgreSQL its distinctive edge. It's often a good choice when the underlying data model can take advantage of both its relational power and key-value simplicity. We recommend PostgreSQL in situations that require flexibility and feature completeness, above all else.

Two excellent document databases built around a distributed mindset, MongoDB and RethinkDB offer schemaless flexibility, with per-document atomicity. In the case of RethinkDB, even performant cross table joins are baked in. We happily work with with companies using either database.

Cassandra is our NoSQL database of choice when it comes to multi-region distributed requirements. Its base-line performance, scalability, and availability characteristics make it a great choice for systems requiring best-in-class resilience and tunable, per-request consistency guarantees. And when the JVM is already in the mix, Cassandra is that much more of a no-brainer.

A real-time graph database, Neo4J has a strong community with a long, stable history of being the open source standard. Its powerful CYPHER query language makes traversing graphs straightforward and real-time performant. We recommend Neo4J on highly-connected or traversal-heavy workloads, and are familiar with its application across several domains.

As an alternative to Neo4J, Titan fills a much needed gap — a distributed, graph database with acceptable real-time performance and exemplary data processing features. We specialize in Titan with its Cassandra backing store, using it with success on large distributed graph problem sets.

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